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Investigating the exciting world of nanomaterials and their role in understanding and sustaining our planet.

Environmental Nanoparticles: Formation & Function

Our primary scientific interests lie at the intersection of mineralogy, environmental science, and nanoscience and technology. Overall, we are most interested in understanding how the smallest minerals (i.e., nanoparticles, NPs) are formed, how they react with their surroundings and change with time and space in complex systems and the environment.

The questions that inspire and direct our work are important for three primary reasons:

  1. NPs are abundant in nature and integral to understanding the past, present, and future evolution of many Earth systems
  2. Unintended releases of NPs from applications of nanotechnology have the potential to impact human and ecosystem health
  3. Engineered NPs are crucial to developing next-generation technologies associated with energy production, radioactive waste disposal, and water treatment, just to name a few, and therefore are important to the sustainability of our planet.

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