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Graduate Research at 2016 GSRS!

The 31st Graduate Student Research Symposium (GSRS) included talks by 38 graduate students including EnviroNano's own Rui Serra Maia (pictured) and Aly Hoeher. Rui, chair of the 2016 GSRS event, ...

Congratulations, Nathan Tripp!

Nathan Tripp won a Best Poster Award for his undergraduate research presentation at 2016 GSRS. Nathan’s project is focused on the design and fabrication of microfluidics devices for real-time crystallization studies of ...

Undergraduate Research at 2016 GSRS

Undergraduate Research at 2016 GSRS, and link to it. Undergraduate researchers Nathan Tripp, Will Palfey, and Kevin TranHuu (pictured) from the Michel group presented posters on their research projects at the ...

Sulfidation mechanism for zinc oxide nanoparticles and the effect of sulfidation on their solubility

Environmental transformations of nanoparticles (NPs) affect their properties and toxicity potential. Sulfidation is an important transformation process affecting the fate of NPs containing metal cations with an affinity for sulfide. Here, the extent and mechanism of sulfidation of ZnO NPs were investigated, and the properties of resulting products were carefully characterized.

Properties of Impurity-bearing ferrihydrite II: Insights into the surface structure and composition of pure, Al- and Si-bearing ferrihydrite from Zn(II) sorption experiments and Zn K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Journal: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Publication Year: 2013 Author(s): CISMASU, A. C., LEVARD, C. MICHEL, F. M. & BROWN, JR., G. E. Abstract: Naturally occurring ferrihydrite often contains impurities such ...

Competitive sorption of Pb(II) and Zn(II) on polyacrylic acid-coated hydrated aluminum-oxide surfaces

Journal: Environmental Science & Technology Publication Year: 2013 Author(s): WANG, Y., MICHEL, F. M., LEVARD, C., CHOI, Y., ENG, P. J. & BROWN, JR., G. E. Abstract: Natural organic matter ...

Fate of Cd during microbial Fe(III) mineral reduction by a novel and Cd-tolerant Geobacter species

Journal: Environmental Science & Technology Publication Year: 2013 Author(s): MUEHE, E. M., OBST, M., HITCHCOCK, A., TYLISZCZAK, T, BEHRENS, S., SCHRODER, C., BYRNE, J. M., MICHEL, F. M., KRÄMER, U., ...

Properties of impurity-bearing ferrihydrite III. Effects of Si content and precipitation rate on the structure of 2-line ferrihydrite

Journal: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Publication Year: 2014 Author(s): CISMASU, A. C., MICHEL, F. M. & BROWN, JR., G. E. Abstract: Siliceous ferrihydrites are abundant nanoparticles in natural environments. Although ...

Constraints on precipitation of the ferrous arsenite solid H7Fe4(AsO3)5

Formation of Fe(II)-As(III) solids is suspected to limit dissolved As concentrations in anaerobic environments. Iron(II) precipitates enriched in As(III) have been observed after microbial reduction of As(V)-loaded lepidocrocite (g-FeOOH) and ...

Uranium incorporation into aluminum-substituted ferrihydrite during iron(ii)-induced transformation

Journal: Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts Publication Year: 2014 Author(s): MASSEY, M. S., LEZAMO-PACHECO, J. S., MICHEL, F. M. & FENDROF, S. Abstract: Uranium retention processes (adsorption, precipitation, and incorporation ...

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