Graduate and undergraduate researchers in the Michel research group.

F. Marc Michel

Assistant Professor

Born and raised in upstate New York, Marc Michel graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology with a minor in Art and Art History from Colgate University. He worked as a hydrogeologist for Lessard Environmental, Inc. for almost 5 years before moving to Stony Brook University where he completed a Ph.D. in Geosciences. His dissertation focused on understanding the atomic structures of several different nanomaterials that are important in many natural biogeochemical processes.
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Graduate Researchers

Alexandria Hoeher

Graduate Researcher

Aly started her PhD at Virginia Tech in Fall 2015 after completing her Master's degree in the research group of Dr. John Rakovan at Miami University of Ohio. Her PhD research is focused on understanding the crystallization of calcium phosphate minerals including apatite and brushite.
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Karel Kletetschka

Graduate Researcher

Karel started his MS degree at Virginia Tech in Fall 2016 after completing a BS in Chemistry at Penn State University, where he worked in the group of Dr. Raymond Schaak. He is primarily interested in studying nanomaterials, particularly the nucleation, growth, and transformation of iron oxide nanominerals.
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Rui Serra Maia

Graduate Researcher

Rui started his PhD at Virginia Tech in Fall 2013 after earning a combined Bachelor's/Master's degree in Bioengineering at the University of Porto, Porto, Portugal. His PhD dissertation is focused on understanding how the fundamental characteristics of nanosized platinum catalysts relate to their catalytic activity.
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Alexandra Nagurney

Graduate Researcher

Allie started her PhD at Virginia Tech in the Fall 2016 after completing her undergraduate degree at Lafayette College. Her PhD research focuses on understanding metamorphic mineral reactions at the nanoscale.
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Undergraduate Researchers

Alex Gerig

Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. Virginia Tech, Nanoscience (2018) Research Goals: I'm working on a project evaluating the capabilities of a 3D printed material, which will be used to make mixed-flow reactors to synthesize nanoparticles found in nature.
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Will Palfey

Undergraduate Researcher

B.S., Virginia Tech, Geosciences (2017) and incoming graduate student at Caltech
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Rohan Parmar

Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. Virginia Tech, Geosciences (Geochemistry Track) and Chemistry (2018)
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Nathan Tripp

Undergraduate Researcher

B.S. Geosciences (2016)
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Sean Zigah

Undergraduate Researcher

B.S., Virginia Tech, Geosciences (Geophysics Track)(December 2017) Research goals: Understand the mechanism attributed to causing iridescence in hematite and goethite using various microscopy and spectroscopy techniques
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Team Alumni

M.S., Virginia Tech, Geosciences (2013-2015)

Current Position: Hydrogeologist, Geosyntec

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